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Are you a lover of food, drink specials listings, and some fun out on the town? Then give your bar or restaurant, winery or night club the nation-wide exposure it deserves with a printable bar coupons listing on City Drink Specials Listings. Grab a warm blanket, a good book, some cheese & crackers, and wine because seeing “it” takes long to enjoy – the always interesting music experience that some of todays finest musicians. Our state-by-state drink specials listings are here for you out on the town, and on the go. Enjoy is in major cities like Charlotte, Mooresville, Wilmington, or near your college.
Give your Bar or Restaurant the nation-wide promotion with a listing on City Drink Specials. Your bar will receive a seo friendly, fully editable WP community drink specials platform that is responsive and mobile. Sign Up For Free, 15, 25 Per Year! Display your bars logo in a all inclusive company page with custom html fields, start the conversation with blog comments, bar contact details and website link, list unlimited drink specials and happy hours, directions, your events, hours, patron photos, social links, state category page link and recently added site wide logo, google map, coupons, skype live bands, ratings and reviews and your own PayPal special offers like t-shirts, gift certificates and drink Koozies.

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